What are the Uses of Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS)?

The Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS) is a 28% sodium chlorite solution. The MMS solution comes with citric acid to activate the sodium chloride. In actual sense, MMS is a chemical oxidizer that is capable ofMMS & the Treatment of Viruses... moving in water to kill pathogens that cause diseases as well as destroying any metals and poisons in the water.  Its weak oxidization property is what enables it to perform this task.
The Miracle Mineral supplement was initially used for the treatment of malaria but with time, it has been found to be useful in the treatment of other conditions.  This article looks into detail the various conditions that can be treated using MMS and the required dosage for each.


Treatment of Malaria

Jim Humble, the inventor of MMS was the first person to administer MMS to malaria patients when he was in his gold mining activities.  Before he discovered the use of chlorine dioxide for malaria treatment, many people had been dying of the disease. But when he discovered how potent the compound was, he went ahead to refine it and it was after which it was named MMS.
MMS when used for treating malaria, a dose of 15 drops should be taken by adults. To activate MMS, one should use five drops of citric acid on every MMS drop. After adding the citric acid, the mixture should be left to stand for three minutes before adding half a glass of clean water or pineapple or apple juice.  Make sure that you drink the solution immediately. After one hour, prepare a similar dose and take.


If you wish to use MMS for HIV/AIDs, the recommended one is the MMS protocol 1000. The patient should take three drops of the activated Miracle Mineral Supplement eight hours a day for three weeks. Bacteria& MMS Controlling it... However, not many people are able to take this dosage, hence the reason why it is recommended that one starts with a lower dose of one or two drops every hour depending on your level of sickness.  You can then increase the dosage when you feel that your body is capable of handling more. But if you feel that it is making feel worse, reduce the dose.

MMS for Flu and Colds

MMS is capable of killing and destroying all types of viruses and germs that cause flu. It is a non-selective treatment for flu virus and strains.  This way, it differs from the vaccines and antibiotics.


MMS protocol 2000 is what is used for cancer treatment and all life-threatening conditions.  When using MMS for this purpose,  it is recommended that you take as many drops of the activated MMS as you possibly can. If you don’t experience any negative effects from taking the solution, you should continue taking the solution for ten hours in a day for the three weeks or until when your condition will improve. When starting, it is important that you start with one drop an hour and then gradually increase the amount.

The Miracle Mineral Supplement has many incredible benefits.  It is a supplement that can be used by anyone who wants to experience positive health results. It works best when the recommended dose is taken.







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